The coffee that doesn’t stop

Three generations have crossed a century of great achievements together.

Ferrying the unmistakable hazelnut color of their fantastic coffee.

At the end of the First World War, two friends Aldo Filicori and Luigi Zecchini decided to put all their artisan passion into the cup.

In the heart of Bologna, the aroma of their freshly roasted coffee.

Between Via degli Orefici, the first coffee shop, and Via Oberdan, where the first headquarters of the artisanal roasting company was located, the dream of two men came true. With an incredible ability for balance, support and research, they made it possible to spread their unique product to 43 countries.

A DNA of balance handed down to their sons who have interpreted and still interpret the professionalism and love of the founders.

A separate roasting process for each single origin coffee respecting the various types of green coffee that have their own optimal roasting point.

So many details that have earned Filicori Zecchini coffee prestigious awards including the Certified Italian Espresso.

From a small store in Bologna to the conquest of the world. Many families have woken up with this unmistakable special aroma that has made actors, artists and families fall in love with it. The Savoys, for example, who wanted exclusive supplies from the Bolognese company at all costs.

Today, the grandchildren Costanza Filicori, Luca Filicori and Luigi Zecchini jr. aim to transmit the quality of their cup to the world. A road map marked by important economic investments.

Among the most significant, in 2001, the foundation of the “espresso laboratory”, a true coffee academy where the secrets of preparing the perfect espresso are revealed to professionals and others.

But Filicori has been able to draw a strong industrial imprint with the decision to follow directly the entire production chain: from the selection of the beans to the preparation of the espresso.  The raw materials coming from India, Brazil and other South American countries are taken care of in every detail. Many trips of the company management together with the partners, to follow closely all the initial part of the care of the plantations themselves. Quality at the center as a sector on which to push more than any other on the company structure. Cutting-edge machinery accompanied by the hiring of hyper-specialized profiles in order to guarantee the product the maximum innovation and quality.

Quality, perceived as a great added value, would then drive the natural spread of the brand. And so it was.

Symbol of the reconstruction and the Italian economic miracle of the 50s, Filicori was able to seize this positive wave growing in terms of turnover, exponentially in Italy and Europe.

Only Covid managed to stop the company in 2020 for three months. Now Filicori is facing a new challenge and a new great opportunity after the significant decline in turnover. As in the 50’s inside the company, today there is a great ferment among the staff very fond of their company to start again together with the bars and restaurants strongly penalized in these months.

A race to be resumed as soon as possible after the last decade has seen further historical steps for the company.

Among the most significant certainly the birth, in 2009, of the first European franchising network that will coincide, a few years later, to the historic overcoming of one million kilograms produced.

Today, the quality of the product is also perceived by the international high-end market, as the great plus compared to the big brands of competition.

In the most beautiful streets of European and American capitals, coffee boutiques have sprung up, where it is possible to taste and buy tea, another important product of the Bologna-based company. An important selection of Green and Black Teas coming from the best plantations of China, Japan, India and Sri Lanka as well as precious and rare White and Yellow Teas, without forgetting the unique characteristics of the most sought-after Oolongs and of the ancient Pu-Ehr.

In over one hundred years of history the products exalt that incredible alchemy of quality strongly sought after as a company must and the uniqueness of the balance between the partners perfectly handed down by three generations guided by the love of research and innovation of their company.

Matteo Donelli

International manager and journalist, he has held the role of president and vice-president of companies in the USA, China and Brazil on behalf of an Italian company. Journalist for Emilian and national newspapers, he is author of the books “Orientarsi in Cina” and “Brazil, storie dell’altro mondo”.