Specialization Course:


25 and 26 of January 2022 – ONLINE (East)

22 and 23 of February 2022 – ONLINE (West)

In collaboration with

Day and Time

8 hours of course (2 hours of theory and 6 hours of practice)

Divided into two modules:



1. Tuesday 25th of January, from 8am to 12am (EST)

2. Wednesday 26th of January, from 8am to 12am (EST)



1. Tuesday 22nd of February, from 9am to 1am (PST)

2. Wednesday 23rd of February, from 9am to 1pm (PST)


ONLINE over Zoom



  • Knowledge and enhancement of flours for their chemical/physical and rheological value.

  • Learning the best direct and indirect dough-making techniques to use in managing pizza on peel.

  • In-depth analysis of methods, pre-baking and baking procedures with regards to ovens.

  • Identifying and correcting the most frequent mistakes in pizza making.

  • Receiving the Professional Diploma of Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli


Teacher: Tony scalioti

Tony approached the world of pizza at a very young age, in faraway Calabria, particularly in Cariati, his hometown. It all started with a pizza with friends, from which he discovered this innate passion for the world of pizza, of which he knew nothing. So he began, for fun and curiosity, to give a hand to a family friend, owner of a renowned local pizzeria.
His role was to take care of the afternoon preparations and to season the pizzas, but that was not what fascinated him. What had pushed him into that pizzeria was his curiosity and desire to work the dough and handle the shovels, to understand the various processes and tricks of cooking the disc of dough. For this reason he moved, against the will of his parents who believed he was still too young, to work in a pizzeria 30km from home. At that time he did not have a driving license, so his father had to drive him and pick him up every day after a long day of work. Nevertheless, thanks to his great passion for pizza, he continued on his way and began to handle dough and shovels, baking his first pizzas. That was the true beginning of the path that has led him to where he is today.
His work has led him to travel extensively, moving both in Italy and abroad.
According to Tony, it’s important for young people to study, improve and always put heart and passion into their work in order to be successful.

Scuola Italiana Pizzaioli 

Founded in the late 1980s with the passion for pizza and the desire to teach the craft of pizza making by combining a scientific teaching approach, aimed at continuous research of the most modern methodologies, with the passion to put “your hands in the dough”.
It all began in Caorle, in the province of Venice, where the national headquarters are still located today, and then developed throughout Italy and abroad.
They are present in the USA, China, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Germany, France, and with the new openings in 2021 they will arrive in Spain, Portugal, Albania, England, Romania, Bulgaria, Belgium, Holland, Argentina, Russia, Mexico, Peru, Canada, and Colombia.
It is the only certified school in Italy with a physical location in Italy and worldwide.
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