Patrik Vespignani

Born in an Italian-Finnish family, Patrik Vespignani defines himself as a visionary and above all as a business creative. Always looking for challenges, for 15 years he has been helping Italian companies to enter the Finnish market.
His first work experiences in Italy were in the family’s international transport company that he followed for several years, but the desire to know his own origins led him to move to Finland.
The first Italian B2B connections in Finland are with two important franchising companies Prink and Mailboxes etc, of which follows the start up with the opening of several stores.
Since 2013 he opens a representative agency, specialized in the world of design and still represents throughout Scandinavia several companies in particular Fendi Casa, Trussardi Casa and Versace Casa produced by the company Luxury living in Forlì.
Since 2019 he is involved in the project “Little Italy Finland” as founder and organizer of the Festival, from here he has shifted his attention on food&beverage in particular on the high end of the market of the excellence of Italian artisan companies.